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Antique Motorcycles - Ceramic Decal - Glass Decal - Enamel Decal - LEAD FREE & Food Safe. Vintage Antique Camera Glass Fusing Decals and Ceramic Decals.Hall’s Safe Company is a family own business that has been committed to keeping your valuables safe from both fire and theft for over 35 years. While we offer safes which uniquely display your collections, our first concern is keeping your valuables secure. Antique Sheet Music – Ceramic Decals- Enamel Decal – Fusible Decal – Glass Fusing Decal ~ Waterslide Decal – 88671 $ 7.00 – $ 26.00 Our Waterslide ceramic decals are commercially printed and cover coated by us and are made for easy application and firing. Jun 23, 2018 · Antique Oak Counter Top Display Case With Decals for auction. This measures 29 1/2" long x 8 1/4" in depth x 13 1/4" and . It has Clark's Gum and other decals. There are no cracks or chips in the glass. The back doors slide. This is from the Grand View Hotel in Phillips.

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The Sex Workers Action Network will be offering window decals and training courses to approved agencies in the Waterloo region, symbolizing a safe and supportive environment for sex workers. Welcome to Sticky Things Wall Stickers South Africa, where we sell a wide range of Wall Stickers, Wall Decals, Wallpaper and Wall Murals.We offer FREE gift wall decals with every online order plus get FREE courier delivery in South Africa for orders over R500.

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Restoration Decals CLASSIC AMERICAN HOT ROD DECALS 1950’s LONE WOLF NO CLUB DECAL THIS ICONIC HIGH QUALITY VINYL ADHESIVE DECAL HAS BOLD COLORS AND OUTSTANDING DETAILS. 12″ TALL (DIE CUT) SHAPE OF A CLASSIC 1950’s HOT ROD IMAGE GREAT FOR YOUR TOOL BOX or PLACE ON YOUR STORAGE CABINET or PLACE ON JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE YOU DESIRE. If you don't see your decal listed on our site, not a problem! We can restore it for you. We can take just about any original decal and reproduce it. NO layout fees what so ever! Cost will be determined by the size and quantity of the decals you want reproduced.

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Shop for-and learn about-Antique Ginger Jars. Ginger jars are identified by their high-shoulders, rounded shapes, small mouths, and domed lids that often... It provided a safe alternative to the hazardous use of mercury in gilding metals, which was banned c. 1799. — calendar movements were introduced to English longcase clocks c.1660. — machine made wood screws were introduced as early as 1806 in France. — Vintage & Retro Decals & Stickers For Cars and Windows. Shop our collection of Vintage & Retro decals & stickers for cars & windows cut any size in colors & etched glass to match any vehicle. Our Vintage & Retro decals are high-quality die-cut vinyl that can be applied indoors or outdoors on most smooth surfaces.